INARI USA: The New Clothing Line That Is Redefining The “Basic Bitch”

“I’ll be wearing my usual flannel and jeans with my coworker who looks like Diana Ross,” reads a text from Moira O’Malley, co-designer of INARI USA.

She’s not wrong. She’s referring to INARI USA’s Associate Designer, Shauna-kay Rosetta Steer, who looks unnervingly like a twentysomething Diana Ross. From the extreme curls and sultry cat-eye makeup to her badass leather jacket and tight black skirt, she screams “designer.” Co- designer Moira O’Malley, on the other hand, tiptoes the line between lumberjack and Brooklynite with a #iwokeuplikethis bob that’s redder than her flannel button-up. It’s amazing that these two polar opposites designed one cohesive clothing line. Continue reading


We Were Never, Ever, Ever Together In The First Place

I don’t know why I hate Taylor Swift so much. My best friend thinks it’s because I’m actually a closeted “Swiftie,” but I refuse to believe that’s true. I know, she’s America’s sweetheart. And one of the most decorated artists in AMA, VMA, CMA, ACA, all-of-the-As history. She gets all the guys, at least for a little while. She’s so skinny it makes crêpe paper look like it should go on Weight Watchers. She’s friends with all of the “cool kids”—looking at you, Karlie Kloss—which inherently makes Taylor a “cool kid,” too. And I hate her. Continue reading

Blue Valentine: In Defense of Disappointment 

I know this is incredibly late coming. Chalk it up to the I’ll-get-around-to-it excuse. But I finally did get around to it—to watching Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine. And as it turns out, not even a receding hairline can stifle Ryan Gosling’s sexiness. Nor can a wife-beater tank, unemployment, and the probable smell of stale beer. But in this film, all you want to do is reach through the screen and give him, and costar Michelle Williams, a hug. And then slap them.

gosling Continue reading

McAddicted. Seriously.

I just watched a death row inmate receive a lethal dose of a paralytic and potassium. Five days after he was admitted to the hospital for a prison stabbing. Between the stabbing and the death sentence, a team of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital had to take extensive measures to keep this man alive. A man who would be dead in less than a week. Meanwhile, there was a nine-year-old boy down the hall in desperate need of a liver and intestinal transplant. The serial killer was an organ donor.

Grey’s Anatomy deals with some heavy shit. Continue reading

14 Gifs That Sum Up Ed Sheeran’s “X” Album

We’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting forfreakingever for Ed Sheeran to drop his sophomore album, “X.” And, boy, did that cherub-cheeked ginger chap deliver. I can only speak for myself when I say I was a tad worried about the second album: After the T-Swizzle tour, the upbeat Pharrell-produced single “Sing,” and releasing “I See Fire” with the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy….well, I worried that the ex-couch surfing Brit had gone, dare I say it, mainstream. Slightly softer and more heart-wrenching than his first album “+,” “X” takes you on a rollercoaster that traverses the entire emotional spectrum and can only be summed up in–what else? Reaction GIFs: Continue reading

To The Left, To The Left

Sometimes I feel like a grandma. “An old soul” might be a better way to put it. I have a tendency to fall way behind the curve when it comes to any hip, new thing my fellow millennials are doing. Even once I figure it out, it takes me a while to adapt. In August 2013 I finally got on board the iPhone train, and I hadn’t even heard of Flappy Birds until it was already off the app market. Things were no different with the upsurge of the Smartphone “dating” app, Tinder.

confused gif
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